Hello! Thank you for viewing my blog.  I have a passion for writing that dates back to childhood when I began writing poetry.  Although my background is in Electrical Engineering, I have a diverse skill-set that has allowed me to enjoy and contribute to many industries, including Quality Assurance and Project Management.

Through it all though nothing is as fulfilling to me as being able to write.  I have over 10 years of experience in Technical Writing, Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

I’m just a regular guy, that loves anything that is considered to be creative and that brings me closer to nature.  The world is full of beauty and being able to take the time to enjoy those things in life that calls us closer to our peace is important.

Work-AT-Home Leaders is a blog that I created to share some of the information and training that I have received over the years for Network Marketing (beneficial for any work at home business). It’s a fact that while MANY people do achieve great financial success from Network Marketing, MOST people fail due to a lack of education about the business.

Network Marketing, or direct sales as its also known as, is the easiest way for the average person to own their own business. It can be very rewarding if you know how to do it the correct way. Most of the time when you join a direct sales business, you are left alone to try to figure it out yourself. No matter how many hyped-up seminars that you attend, although you’ll leave very motivated, you won’t know how to properly grow your business.

Receiving the knowledge and tips that are required to help you succeed, can be the difference between making a nice career out of network marketing or failing. A Network Marketing Company that I have joined (as an Independent Consultant), Leaders Club, has 20 years of  proven success and provides Network Marketing Training and Quality Network Marketing Leads. Growing your business the right way, within proven tools and methods that will get you results, will give you independence and a piece of mind.




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